Did you know that our communication is only 30% verbal, and up to 70% non-verbal? That means that 70% of our understanding of one another comes from expressions and gestures.
Did you also know that our subconscious decides in just 6 seconds whether we like someone or not? Your smile plays a very important role here. Teeth are a huge contributor to a compelling smile.

But teeth are also functional objects that we are constantly using – be it for chewing or speaking, and they usually have to do these things for over 30 years. With our daily work, we strive to maintain your compelling smile, or maybe even to give it back to you. Here, it goes without saying that your beautiful smile also has to fulfil its practical duties. Namely talking and chewing. Only all of these things together will make you happy and content in the long run.



oral design STEFAN PICHA

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